Text conversations with a girl you love in 5 easy steps

The secret to having more hot girls dating is to create an attraction, so you turn it on and get excited to meet you again. Sexy and fun text messaging is an effective tool for this … if you know how. There are five easy steps to starting a text conversation with a nice girl

Step 1: Communicate and create a feeling that stimulates her's excitement and expectation when you talk to her. Texts must be short, playful, and flirtatious. Most guys have long text messages and sounds and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Step 3: Think about what he was wearing or doing, it was a bit embarrassing to put it down when he met him and use this text message. [4]

And give her a chance to look back.

Step 5: Never call or ask questions. Instead, tell him what amusing plans are on Thursday or Saturday night and we recommend joining it to you. Here are an example of starting a text conversation with the 5 steps

] TIP: These text types can set a Girl to a date at the first encounter.

Yes, you read that … 3 days. It's troublesome. Suck it until the fire is hot!

Suppose you met a real cutie at a lunchtime in a cafe and you got the number. She was shocked to lose forever to make sure she wanted to be ordered while she patiently waited behind her.

"Hey, you're gonna be a player and tease when your text is later in the day , You left the treasurer a great tip in the bottle for an hour to take mocha, mocha, frappa, frappa, anything, coffee today? "" Hey, when I was in the mood I felt something else and they have many good choices A simple, silent Joe cup. "

You You're reading if you want to live? 19459006

You're good

TE: "Only when I'm in the classroom. After work I like to pull striped pants and loud Hawaiian shirts. "

" Yeah, yeah, I want to see this vision. "

] TE: " Do you ask at a time? You're right ahead. "

" Ha, if, brother "

" Tell you what's up. I plan to get a bite tonight at this sushi spot. I let you take me dinner if you promise to order your favorite food in less than 1 minute. "

" Ha, ha. He's having fun. "

TE: " I have to go now. In an hour I'll call the details. "

You can control the conversation and let her know her … because the real people pick up the phone to confirm the date.] " OK Mr Hawaii shirts "

You also love teas, your date will be fun and sexy

You only met a few hours after a beautiful girl, short, fun and flirtatious, women love it

These five steps to text messages with that daughter, and they will never spend another week hot date or two or three – unless you need to rest!

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